16GB vs 32GB Speed - Samsung Galaxy Tab S 10.5

Android Enthusiasts Asked by DigitalMC on December 17, 2020

So I was going to buy the Samsung Galaxy Tab S 10.5 in the 16GB version. It is expandable up to an additional 128GB through MicroSD so I’m not too worried about space. My question though is will this tablet perform slower as it fills up with Apps and the Android OS?

I will save all pictures and videos in the SD card, but didn’t know if the native apps and OS will bog down the small hard drive and cause lag… So in summation my question is:

Will the 16GB version of the tablet work slower than the 32GB due to space?

One Answer

The difference is so slight though that the difference will be unnoticeable, but the larger hard drive will be faster.

As requested:,1557-10.html

In addition to the statement at the top in several diagrams you can see that hard drives with the same specs but different sizes have faster read and write times as the size goes up for a majority of the tests.

Answered by nija123098 on December 17, 2020

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