Catching real cause of android reboot

Android Enthusiasts Asked by blesius on January 4, 2022

I am currently using my phone with CM installed (newest release, clean install). For some reason the phone keeps rebooting at random moments, when sleeping (never when awake).
I wonder if it is possible to find out the real reason of rebooting, other than checking /proc/last_kmsg: for me, it only states if it was caused by unsecure-watchdog-bite, or kernel panic. I am curious about finding out, which process’ irresponsiveness caused the watchdog-bite, or what made the kernel panic.

Moto G xt1032, newest firmware
CM13.0, release ZNH5Y
recovery: twrp 3.0.2

Tl;dr: last kernel message is not informative enough about last restart reason.

Edit: link to kernel messages:!AqQWXVmn2ZoKonIJgnToo58XmoVy

One Answer

You can try to use adb logcat command from the terminal/command prompt to examine continuously your device log. On your device has to be enabled USB debugging in Settings -> Developer options section.

Or after the random reboot try

cat /proc/last_kmsg > /mnt/sdcard/last_kmsg

from a terminal window on your device. You can download terminal app from Play.

For the su command your device has to be rooted.

Answered by Bálint Babics on January 4, 2022

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