How to move Android folder to SD Card in LG P760 to install big games?

Android Enthusiasts Asked by JustCaused on December 14, 2020

I want to install Wolfs Among Us on LG P760 which requires 2.5GB of space. I don’t have that much space to even download the game, but I do have 3GB of free space on SD card.

Game installs itself only in Android folder ( Androidobb ) which is located in internal memory card. Back on my old phone, HTC Desire S, Android folder was default set on SD Card so I had no problem installing heavy games as long as I had memory on SD card. But my LG P760 has Android folder in Internal storage, so I can’t install the game.

If you folks find me a way to set Android folder on SD card, or just install game in SD card, I will be really thankful to you! Here are few things I’ve tried :

  • About Link2SD, I haven’t really tried it. I think it just moves folder after game is installed. I don’t have enough storage on internal memory to even download the game, so I can’t use that option. Correct me if I’m wrong, but it only moves folders, not changes default install directory.
  • Unsuccessfully tried the steps mentioned here. I get stuck every time I try to search for my device using the command ‘adb devices’, and my phone doesn’t show up even after I have enabled USB debugging.
  • Rooting – I didn’t do it yet, but if process requires rooting, I’ll do it. I have never done that before, so I would thank you if you could show me which rooting program to install.

One Answer

I was setting up my phone while I was in hurry, so if some steps are in-accurate or missing, I am sorry :/ - Root your phone using the following link and steps : How do I root my Android device? - After you are done, you'll have a special permission to edit your android settings as super-user, so then download Folder Mount from Google Play - After installing, enter FolderMount and find option to change folder directory ( I don't remember this part well, I am sorry ) - Install game, enter Folder Mount and change destination. - Enjoy game :D

Answered by JustCaused on December 14, 2020

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