How to search "My apps" on google play or show a text listing?

Android Enthusiasts Asked by L. D. James on September 17, 2020

I have quiet a number of android devices. Not all of them have the same apps. On Google play it shows a My Apps section that shows a picture with the name of the apps in what appears a random order.

I’m not sure how many, but it’s quiet a few pages, where I have to keep clicking more to see more of them.

It takes me a very long time to find a particular app in the list.

Google Play on the Android (phones and tablets) have a menu item called Library which allows you to see your My Apps.

I can scroll down the huge list that includes pictures. But it takes a very long time to find the app I’m looking for. Sometimes I get to the bottom and have to start over because I miss it in the list.

My question is, how to search the list rather than having to scroll downd the list.

The Goolge Play app has a search feature, but it doesn’t search just “My Apps”. It searches all the apps on Google.

If there is a way to get a text listing of “My Apps”, it would be easy to find the app that I’m looking for.

The most ideal method would be an adb shell command to list the My Apps Library.

By the way, the **My Apps Library” is a list of the apps on all your devices, not just the individual device you’re currently using.

One of the purposes of trying to search the list so so that I can better manage the redundant and obselete apps in my library.

3 Answers

The apps are listed under My Apps in an order of Date first acquired. The app which you most recently acquired is listed on the top. I was/am in a similar situation wherein I was looking for an app from my library. The app is called Flamingo and it was unlisted from the store. That means, it won't come up in the full search on the Play Store, but the app is downloadable if I open the direct Play Store URL or open it from My Apps. I spent hours scrolling through the list of apps and finally found it. So, long story short, Google Play gives us no way of searching through the My Apps list.

Partial solution:

Google Play store on Android now allows us to sort the Library - Not on this device in an Alphabetical Order. This makes it much easier to scroll through and reach the app, provided we know the initials of the app's name.

enter image description here

Still, no go when you only remember a partial name and want to do some hit and trial.

Answered by singhnsk on September 17, 2020

Sorry ... I believe to search apps under 'Installed' or 'Library' lists just CAN'T be done currently ... the option is just not available.

When one tries to search an app i believe it is sage to assume one will know the name of the app they want to search ... if this is the case(knowing the app-name) you have an interim solution ... which is to use the sort options available in both the above lists(Installed & Library) ... If one chose the sort option to list apps in those list to an 'alphabetical option' then one could just quick scroll to the alphabet the app they want to search for in the quickest time.

Until Google wakes up to this missing feature ... this is as good as it gets !!!


Answered by AIAMUZZ on September 17, 2020

I had a similar problem. Have note found better solution then: list all the apps on the google play may apps website (with repeated clicking show more) selected all site content with CTRL A copied it pasted into text document search for the keyword there

Answered by Ludo Jambrich on September 17, 2020

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