Moto E - Auto switching off/on

Android Enthusiasts Asked by navneet kadian on January 13, 2021

I have a Moto E which is only a few days old. It keeps switching off and on all day, automatically and usually around 20 times each day. It supports up to 32GB memory card, and I’m using a 32 GB card (if this might causing problem).

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It's probably a problem with one of your SIM cards. Whenever your phone restarts, it is because there is no network for one of your SIMs. So it restarts which may get network.

If you are using 3g network, try changing it to 2g.

Answered by tajammul pasha on January 13, 2021

Most likely the culprit is an app. Try safe mode. Press the Power button and when the menu pops up tap and hold on the Power off option and then tap OK. If you don’t experience any random reboots in safe mode then we can assume that one of the apps you’ve installed is responsible for the reboots.

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Answered by satyajit roy on January 13, 2021

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