Moving apps to SD Card to free up space

Android Enthusiasts Asked by relipse on January 6, 2022

I recently bought an Alcatel OneTouch phone and put in a 64gb sd card, but now I have insufficient storage?? How do I get my apps to the SD CARD (there is no “Move to SD Card” option) and free up some space?

I already went to Settings -> Storage -> Default Write Disk -> SD Card but that doesn’t seem to do much of anything.

Why would someone create an android phone which an SD Card did nothing?
I understand I can move pictures to it, but the apps take the most amount of space.


I have Android 4.4.2

One Answer

Download it...Enjoy moving apps to SD cards.

Note: moving apps to SD will not FULLY move the file - It simply allocates the majority of the file size to the SD card and leaves behind a trace amount (not entirely sure why) - so even if you move EVERYTHING to the SD card, you will notice that your phone memory is still lower than it would be if you have no apps..but still leaving much more than if the apps were on your phone memory :)


For clarity...I have no association with that app or its developer(s), it's just simply the app I selected to use many moons ago and often recommend it, there may be better or sleeker options, but I am far too lazy to look when this one does the job just fine! :D

Answered by Stephen66515 on January 6, 2022

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