Samsung 6 edge stuck

Android Enthusiasts Asked by jacques du preez on December 11, 2020

When I plugged in my edge it made a couple of funny noices as if the charger doesn’t make proper contact, then it just freezed on a blue screen with a down arrow, underneath it says “Downloading Do not run off target”. No matter what I do it is stuck on that screen. I took a photo of the screen –


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power button and both volume keys together hold until it soft reboots, mine did this yesterday completely randomly whilst driving along listening to spotify, instantly thought i was being hacked, soft reboot and the phone is back to normal.

Answered by Matt on December 11, 2020

You are in a so called "Download Mode". You should hold your power button until your phone reboots.

Answered by Thomas Vos on December 11, 2020

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