Two phones appearing on android device manager

Android Enthusiasts Asked by user122373 on August 22, 2020

I lost my phone last month and was desperately looking for ways to track it. I never installed any apps to track it and so I got online to see if there were other options and found ‘Android Device Manager’. After the remote download, I tried locating it, but then the internet was turned off and a few days later with no success, I decided to go for the factory reset. I was talking with a friend today and he told me that, he got a call from someone saying I had given that person his number, so I decided to get on ADM to see if I could maybe track it this time or check what was going on. To my surprise, I now see two phones listed under my account. I have not bought a new phone yet. I am just wondering why does it show another phone under my account.

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the factory reset was most likely successful. i'm guessing the twin devices are showing different locations and one or both never move and may show as offline (if both are offline, dead battery). the device is linked to ADM via your google account and an ID generated when android boots up for the first time. after the remote reset, the device will boot, generate the new ID and ask for the password to the google account the device is linked to. as a ROM addict, i know this all too well. there have been times i've flashed 10 ROMs in a day. i used up my device removal limit on google play music very quickly.

Answered by particlewave delta on August 22, 2020

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