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Using Two Arduino to Lower Power Consumption

I am planning to build a water quality sensor with ph, temperature, and dissolved oxygen, conductivity. The power consumption looks like it will be very high especially due to the...

Asked on 12/20/2021

3 answer

Understanding heap fragmentation

I finally understand why people do not allocate memory when it comes to micro-controllers. The reason is because as you allocate different objects on the heap of various sizes and...

Asked on 12/19/2021

0 answer

sent commends by bluetooth to sd card as one line of string

void loop() { if (Bluetooth.available() > 0) { dataIn = Bluetooth.readString(); //the problem is...

Asked on 12/19/2021 by yo777

0 answer

Why is it considered bad practice to use the 'new' keyword in Arduino?

I previously asked this question: Is it required to delete variables before going to sleep? On that question, @Delta_G posted this comment:... Really on a microcontroller I would create...

Asked on 12/16/2021

4 answer

nRF24L01+ radio not transmitting anything but says it is

I have a nRF24L01+ radio that was working like a charm for many months now, and a few days back, I was trying to send something and then receive it....

Asked on 12/16/2021

0 answer

Arduino Nano 33 Sense won't upload

When I try to upload an example code from the Arduino_LSM9DS1 Library it either jumps ports so the upload cannot complete or spits out some red text and never completes...

Asked on 12/14/2021 by Electrouino

0 answer

DFRobot GPS init error [Arduino Uno, SIM808]

i have problem with initialization DFRobot SIM808 actually when i try to recieve gps data by SoftwareSerial only it does works (i mean examples based on sending and reading command...

Asked on 12/11/2021

2 answer

Serial port usage in code

I want to write a function that defines a serial port based on a flag but I'm not sure it's possible. For example:void writeToSerial(bool useSerial1){ SerialPortClass serialPortObject;...

Asked on 12/11/2021 by Joe Mann

2 answer

Can we use UART COMMUNICATION with MCP23017?

I am using MCP23017 as a GPIO expander with Arduino in my project. I have too many serial devices and no pins left on Arduino for UART communication. I am...

Asked on 12/09/2021

2 answer

Arduino Nano 33 IoT StandardFirmataPlus

newbie here. So I've been trying to upload StandardFirmataPlus into my Arduino Nano 33 IoT so that I can program in Johnny-Five. However I have this issue. ...

Asked on 12/09/2021 by Girish Ravi

0 answer

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