Possible to create IP-to-USB HID (keyboard) device using Arduino?

Arduino Asked on November 15, 2021

Is it possible to create an IP-to-USB HID (keyboard) using Arduino?

I’d like to connect an Arduino to my network using Ethernet, and then send it commands using TCP/IP and have those commands translated to USB HID and sent as keystrokes to the connected PC.

I’ve found a few articles discussing USB HID emulation using the Arduino Uno (see but it refers to using GPIO pins as buttons.

Am I correct that this might work if I use an Arduino Uno and then purchase an Arduino Shield Ethernet? (seems a bit expensive, but is this the cheapest option?)

Thanks in advance!

One Answer

Yes, it is perfectly possible.

You ideally need an Arduino with a direct USB interface, such as the Leonardo. Then you can just access the Keyboard object to send the keystrokes to the PC. How your receive the data through Ethernet is entirely up to you. A simple TCP interface may be easiest - open the connection with whatever telnet-like client and whatever you type gets sent through. The trick will be getting it into character-at-a-time mode.

Answered by Majenko on November 15, 2021

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