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Arqade Asked by SecretOssi on September 26, 2020

I think it’s possibly something like a duplicate of my other question Craftbook Collect: Sort enchanted Books/Items

But I have a similar question about how to sort potions or if it is possible.
The syntax for potions seems to differ from enchanted items/books.

ID is 373

I tried variations with potion name, potion effects, effect id and others I found, but nothing worked. With 373 only, it takes all potions, with other tries it takes everything or nothing.

2 Answers

I haven't tested, but using the Sorter IC should work here since potion data is stored in NBT. If this doesn't work let me know and I'll submit a PR to CraftBook for this ^_^

Answered by BillyGalbreath on September 26, 2020

You can't really sort potions as they are unstackable items. But if you are saying to organise them, you can, but it will require a lot of stuff. Check this link:

Answered by Gerome Ang on September 26, 2020

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