How are clan war positions determined when identical bases are present in war?

Arqade Asked by Puja Bhagat on December 25, 2020

How are clan war positions determined when there are 2 or more bases having everything upgraded like defense, walls, traps, troops and heroes to the maximum level of the particular tonwhall?

By this I mean that two bases which are exactly similar in respect of defense and troops, how will there position be in clan war? On what will that depend?

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I think just random as the majority in my clan are all maxed. I’ve always been generally number 1 since being maxed and at one stage thought it was alphabetical order, that theory failed, so next was XP but that also failed, then I thought it was current clan position, that’s no good either. Troop upgrades apart from heroes don’t matter either as one person still has goblins not maxed (why would you). Possibly duration of when I started playing, but that’s also not clear as my clan member says he started later than I did but really he's not sure. So my conclusion is it’s just random. Once it’s set with long term members it’s just what it is.

Answered by Damian on December 25, 2020

I am maxed everything just like another player in my clan. He is number one in war and I am number two despite me being in higher trophy league and starting clash before he did. I think it comes down to xp level because he has me beat there and only there.

Answered by Trevor Wentling on December 25, 2020

I am maxed everything, and so is another clanmate. I am in legends, Lvl200 XP, but my clanmate is lvl 156 and never been higher than Champions. This makes me think that the only thing being used is length of time playing. He started COC before I did

Answered by X yo on December 25, 2020

The Clan War positions are based on the strength of the base defense. This is calculated using things like amount of traps, walls, disposable troops etc.

Town hall is ignored when it comes to this, which is why someone with a level 6 Town Hall, could be higher ranked than a base with a level 7 Town hall.

But, in this situation which would have two bases with exactly the same defense, I would imagine that the algorithm would then move on to either the Town Hall level, or the XP level of the person.

Or, as Mehravish Temkar pointed out in the comments to this answer, it could go down to the amount of trophies or league that the user is placed in.

Answered by James Smith on December 25, 2020

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