Is there a command to specify which type of Villager to spawn?

As the title says, is there a command/tag/anything else that can specify a kind of villager to be spawned using /summon? I’m trying to spawn a whole bunch of farmers.

Arqade Asked by 54D on December 28, 2020

5 Answers

5 Answers

Villagers use the Profession and Career tags to determine their type, as detailed on this wiki page. Profession ranges from 0 (Farmer) to 4 (Butcher) and determines the skin of the villager. Trades and actual job are determined by Career, the range and meaning depend on the profession.

/summon Villager ~ ~ ~ {Profession:0, Career:1}
/summon Villager ~ ~ ~ {Profession:2, Career:1}

Can be used to create a Farmer and a Cleric villager, respectively.

(Note: I didn't test it myself (not at comp), so there might be errors in the command structure.)

Correct answer by MrLemon on December 28, 2020

{Profession:0,Career:1-4} = Farmer (Brown Dude)

{Profession:1,Career:1-2} = Librarian (White Dude)

{Profession:2,Career:1} = Priest (Pink Dude)

{Profession:3,Career:1-3} = Blacksmith (Black Apron Dude)

{Profession:4,Career:1-2} = Butcher (White Apron Dude)

{Profession:5,Career:1} = Nitwit (Green Dude)


Answered by WOW on December 28, 2020

For 1.13 the command is as follows /summon minecraft:villager ~ ~1 ~ {Profession:0,Career:0}

Answered by SuperTNT on December 28, 2020

To get farmers, do /summon villager ~ ~ ~ {Profession:0,Career:1}.

To get fishermen, do /summon villager ~ ~ ~ {Profession:0,Career:2}.

To get shepherds, do /summon villager ~ ~ ~ {Profession:0,Career:3}.

To get fletchers, do /summon villager ~ ~ ~ {Profession:0,Career:4}.

To get nitwits, do /summon villager ~ ~ ~ {Profession:5,Career:1}.

Profession is the villager type. Career is the villager job.

{Profession:0,Career:1-4} = Farmer (Brown Dude)

{Profession:1,Career:1-2} = Librarian (White Dude)

{Profession:2,Career:1} = Priest (Pink Dude)

{Profession:3,Career:1-3} = Blacksmith (Black Apron Dude)

{Profession:4,Career:1-2} = Butcher (White Apron Dude)

{Profession:5,Career:1} = Nitwit (Green Dude)

*See the two numbers with hyphens in between them after Career? That means you get to pick a number between those two numbers.

Answered by Xx_F1SHY_xX on December 28, 2020

/summon villager ~ ~1 ~ {Profession:0,Career:0}

The "~ ~ ~" are the coordinates (location) where the mob will spawn, the first and third are lateral directions, and the second means the height. In my command there, it means the villager will spawn 1 block above wherever you run the command.

The profession is the type of villager you want.

  • 0 = Farmer, Fisherman, Shepherd, Fletcher
  • 1 = Librarian
  • 2 = Cleric
  • 3 = Armorer, Weapon Smith, Tool Smith
  • 4 = Butcher, Leatherworker

You can even change their name.

/summon Villager ~ ~1 ~ {CustomName:0}

Where the "0" is is where you can put in your own name to give them.

Answered by Nerstaran on December 28, 2020

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