Is there a way to see collectibles on the map?

Arqade Asked by yoozer8 on September 27, 2020

I’ve finished the main storyline and unlocked the upgrade that adds Gridleaks to the map. However, I’m still missing plenty of other collectibles (documents, recordings, bags, and especially electronic parts). The map will tell you how many are in each district, and how many you have found, but beyond that it’s just needles in a haystack.

Is there any way to get the rest of the collectibles added to the map, or do I have to just search every inch of the city?

One Answer

Unfortunately, there is not a way to display collectibles like documents and security recordings on the map.

Billboards, time trials, and gridleaks appear in the open world and thus appear on the map. However, security recordings, bags, and documents can be found in the game's levels which are inaccessible during free roam. Because the areas are inaccessible they do not appear on the map and the level has to be replayed to collect them again.

You mentioned collecting electronic parts; while useful, they aren't needed for a 100% completion achievement if that's what you're trying to do.

Correct answer by PausePause on September 27, 2020

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