How do I test an LSTM-based reinforcement learning model using any Atari games in OpenAI gym?

Artificial Intelligence Asked on November 10, 2021

I am writing a couple of different reinforcement learning models based on Rainbow DQN or some PG models. All of them internally use an LSTM network because my project is using time series data.

I wanted to test my models using OpenAI Gym before I add too many domain specific code to the models.

The problem is that, all of the Atari games seem to fall into the CNN area which I don’t use.

Is it possible to use OpenAI Gym to test any time series data driven RL models/networks?

If not, is there any good environment that I can use to examine the validity of my models?

One Answer

If I understand your problem correctly, you can test on just about any environment, and just omit parts of the observations to ensure your RNN is learning. For example, you can test on cartpole, ignoring the velocity and angular velocity states. This way the MDP isn't actually Markovian and you'll need the RNN to learn.

Answered by harwiltz on November 10, 2021

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