How to ferment green indigo powder to make it blue

I have bought indigo powder to color my soaps blue (cold/hot process saponification). Unfortunately I received something which color is closer to match than blue jeans…
After some internet research I found that what I have is unfermented indigo powder, while the blue colorant is made with fermented indigo; very detailed information here.

My question: does someone have a recipe to ferment my green powder to get something blue I can use in my soaps? I found a lot of vat recipes, but that’s to dye fabric and I don’t think it will work in soaps.

Arts & Crafts Asked by Oneira on August 25, 2021

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Try mixing the unfermented indigo powder with water in a bowl, and 'beating' it, using a smaller bowl to scoop it up and pouring it back until the mix turns blue.

Consider adding lye [NaOH] or slaked lime [Ca(OH)2] to help the fermentation process. The effectiveness might depend on how the unfermented powder was produced, though.

Answered by Joachim on August 25, 2021

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