Is there a name for an orange, gray and white -style pattern?

I’ve heard somewhere that an orange, gray and white “style” has a specific name. I believe that it has “minimalism” in it, but I cannot recall.

Here is an example of the color scheme, but in my case it’s more about user interfaces design in software, corporate logo style, corporate branding and so on.

Is there an actual name for this style?

Arts & Crafts Asked by Andrey Morozov on December 9, 2021

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Based on the images you've shown, where the main colors are the shades of grey, I'd call it grayscale with a single accent color, in this specific case, the accent color is orange.

You could also call it black and white with a single accent color but that might lead people to believe that only black and white were used rather than shades of gray.

Something similar can be seen in these ceramic items:

White and grey teapot with orange accentsBlack and white pot with orange

If you were talking more about something like this tea kettle:

Orange kettle with grey accents

It would be the opposite - orange with grayscale accents.

If you're using multiple shades of the same orange (same color, different amounts of white/black), it would be "monochromatic", like the image below, which is an underpainting of a finished painting:

Monochromatic image

Answered by Catija on December 9, 2021

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