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Page repair ideas

As pictured below, what are some ways to repair the damage shown on a book’s page? My thought is to...

Asked on 08/25/2021 by delatorre1830

1 answer

What can I use to cover raised mosaic edges?

I purchased a tray with a glass mosaic inlay. The raised edges of the glass pieces are rather sharp and I want to cover them with a clear layer. What...

Asked on 08/25/2021 by jackwise

1 answer

What are the different pencil/pen holding techniques for drawing? Which should be followed in which case?

I have seen on Instagram that artists are able to draw curved lines which appear as if drawn by machines.I have also observed artists holding their pen in different...

Asked on 08/25/2021

3 answer

Can Dollar Store Tool Bench Hardware Wire be baked in oven?

I recently purchased some 6m wire from the dollar store for a sculpting project. However, the wire seems to have a sheathing on the outside. (See pic) ...

Asked on 08/25/2021 by Pacarus

2 answer

How to draw human body in chest/collarbone area?

As I have found myself learning more about the human body anatomy, and less focused on the human anatomy of the face, I am struggling with the latter. I am...

Asked on 08/24/2021 by Lyssagal

3 answer

Help on trying to achieve a specific type of shading

I want to more or less figure out the mechanism behind a specific type of shading, as seen in the following image (the artist is moderndayjames): ...

Asked on 08/24/2021 by user98242

2 answer

Do reference photos have to be the same size as my final drawing?

I’ve been teaching myself drawing for about 6 months and find reference photos very helpful, especially to get proportions and values right. I usually use my phone for the since...

Asked on 08/24/2021 by Max Flander

3 answer

Muslin as a curtain with the option to remove hooks

I just purchased some green screen muslin as a background for video editing, and am wondering how to best attach it to the wall. Both the wall and the green...

Asked on 08/24/2021 by Simon Richter

2 answer

Make imprinted folds in paper?

I have always liked the little Minecraft papercraft figures that you can buy at the store. You punch out the figures from the sheet and then fold up along the...

Asked on 08/24/2021 by Hackstaar

2 answer

What tool or technique is best for cutting circles in matte board?

I am laying out a frame where I will have to cut approximately 200 aligned 35mm circles in a matte board or foam core board. I will be putting plastic...

Asked on 08/24/2021

6 answer

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