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Is there such thing as squeezing your values?

I was reading the answers to What does it mean to “push your values”?. The accepted answer shows that when working with a narrow range of values "the image...

Asked on 08/24/2021 by Roqux

1 answer

Cleaning and oiling a Singer 3002

I would like to properly clean and oil a borrowed Singer 3002 machine! I have the instruction manual but it only says clean and oil, without much instruction on how...

Asked on 08/24/2021 by Holly

2 answer

Drafting tapered pants for better outer seam pattern matching?

I am interested in modifying a straight-legged trousers pattern to achieve a more tapered look. I found a good resource for...

Asked on 08/24/2021 by vantom

1 answer

Bind a back with its pages without stains

I started doing some perfect binding tests. I'm using a vinyl glue. Gluing the pages together worked fine so far. I'm having some trouble however in binding the cover with...

Asked on 08/24/2021 by user3450548

1 answer

Align concentric holes of different sizes in 2 pieces of metal on drill press

I'm trying to make a file guide using 2 steel blocks that I want to connect using bolts, like this: ...

Asked on 08/24/2021 by Kamiel Wanrooij

2 answer

What is this style of picture frame called?

I have some convex glass silhouette paintings from the Benton Glass Company from the 30s or 40s. They came with metal frames, each bent from a single piece of metal...

Asked on 08/24/2021 by Togashi

0 answer

How do you accurately mark fabric without a pattern?

I’m trying to use a pattern for a bag, courtesy of a friend. The pattern instructs me to “cut two rectangles, 14 by 16 inches from main fabric”. I have...

Asked on 08/24/2021

2 answer

Add support to large collage to prevent warping and tearing

I had been working on a huge painting made on about 15 separate sheets. After the work was finished I glued together all the paintings, but now after the paint...

Asked on 08/24/2021

2 answer

How should a child first learn to draw?

I am wondering what are some good ways for children to learn to draw. Is it best for them to start by trying to copy things they see in front...

Asked on 02/11/2021 by Kay Bei

5 answer

Evenly spaced increase

I have a knitting project in which I have 94 stitches on my needle, and I’m supposed to do an evenly spaced increase of 50 to get 144 stitches. I...

Asked on 01/25/2021 by Cattails17

1 answer

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