Can I block incoming calls using wildcard patterns?

Ask Different Asked on January 6, 2022

Recently I have been getting a few unwanted telemarketing calls, all coming from the same source. Each number though is different at the end.

For instance, if the numbers to be blocked are:

  • 123-4567
  • 123-7642
  • 123-8643

It would be convenient for the future to simply block with a wildcard, such as:

  • 123-*

Is this at all possible?

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This app claims to do just that. I am about to try it but figured I'd share what I found.

Screenshot 1 from Apple App Store

Screenshot 2 from Apple App Store

enter image description here

Answered by Josh S on January 6, 2022

Yes, that is possible with Call Protect (NOT AT&T Call Protect) app’s range-blocking feature. This app is available here for FREE:

So, how to block a range of numbers using Call Protect? Launch the app > Go to Block tab > Tap on Block a Number button > Select Block a Range of Numbers option > Enter the starting and ending numbers of the range.

Please note that you have an option to whitelist the numbers from your contacts, so the numbers in your contacts do not get blocked. I have found this app pretty useful so far and recommend it to you.

Answered by NerdyGeek on January 6, 2022

For ios, to block all numbers .... 123-456-7891

  1. To block all numbers beginning with 123-456, A) Make new contact with number entered as 123-456-**** B) block that contact

  2. To block all numbers beginning 123-45, A) make contact and block wih number entered as 123-45*-**** Do you see pattern?

Answered by Al nov on January 6, 2022

I've developed an app called Number Shield (99¢) that blocks calls by allowing you to enter a wildcard for certain digits in the phone number. It's available here:

It has a limit of 7 wildcards per number pattern and a total of 50,000,000 numbers blocked. These restrictions are due to limitations in the way the iPhone's call blocking system works.

(Yes, this is a bit of shameless self-promotion, but it certainly answers the question.)

Answered by Alan Kinnaman on January 6, 2022

CALL Protect is a free application by ATT for ATT users. This app works great for reported numbers but does not protect against “wildcard” bot calls that switch the last four digits of your own exchange. There are several other apps that work for this listed on this page.

Answered by Help on January 6, 2022

Try Blacklist and Blacklist Pro by Sergey Smirnov, and Ad & Call Blocker 2 in 1 by Codefavor. Blacklist (free) allows one range of numbers. Blacklist Pro ($1.99) allows multiple ranges of numbers. Ad & Call Blocker 2 in 1 is 1.99.

Answered by Chris Williams on January 6, 2022

WideProtect is a pretty simple app for exactly this purpose

It allows for specifying a wildcard pattern to block numbers, like 609-***-****. At the minimum it requires the first three digits so you should be able to block entire states with this.

Answered by Boris Parlish on January 6, 2022

There is now an API for applications to block and annotate incoming calls. There isn't a native interface so you would need to find an app that does this on the App Store or find an open source project and compile it in Xcode and use your AppleID to install the app onto your personal devices.

One review covering this category is:

The major US carriers are also starting to identify spoofed called ID so you would want to check with your cellular carrier to tighten up which calls and information they send in the first place to the iPhone. Once you’re set there, look at a call screening app that meets your specific needs. The good ones cost money to develop, so if you are running a free app or don’t understand how they paid their bills, double check if they instead sell your call or location data to fund the app.

Answered by bmike on January 6, 2022

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