HDMI to Thunderbolt Display?

I was given an Apple Thunderbolt Display. I would like to connect my PC laptop to it. The only problem is that the display only supports Thunderbolt (figures).

After lots of research, I cannot find an HDMI to Thunderbolt adaptor. And unless I am mistaken, Thunderbolt 2 does NOT support DisplayPort. I do not care about taking advantage of Thunderbolt, meaning no webcam, speakers, and other peripherals.

Does anyone know of a solution?

Ask Different Asked on December 28, 2020

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Thunderbolt displays require thunderbolt to work. Add a PCI card or see if it can be upgraded to USB 4 which is the same as Thunderbolt 3. Then the 3 to 2 adapters will work to operate the display.

Sorry there is no other way to make these work. Once you get thunderbolt hardware, windows can work with Apple products.

Essentially, you have a thunderbolt dock with an embedded display and not a display that uses thunderbolt.

Answered by bmike on December 28, 2020

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