How do I enable AVB on Mac catalina 10.15

Ask Different Asked by user3810484 on August 8, 2020

I am getting a message AVB is not enabled in my midi network device browser.

I am following this, how ever step 3… that option dont exist, only automatic and manual, and in manual you have to enter a number … nothing abv related. please help 🙁

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Audio Video Bridging is a set of technologies that allow Ethernet to support the kind of time-sensitive data delivery needed to keep multiple connected audio devices in sync. It is not trivial.

Apple does not advertise which computers or connections support ABV. It seems most Macs today can support it, but only on a limited number of interfaces. In particular, there is no ABV support over WiFi or via a USB-to-Ethernet adapter. In fact, I cannot even get ABV to work when connected to a Thunderbolt 3 Dock.

It seems the only way to get ABV support is to connect to a built-in Ethernet port if the Mac has one or to connect via a Thunderbolt to Ethernet adapter. This is hinted at by the help message from Audio Midi Setup when you do not have AVB enabled. It says in part

See the help guide for configuration instructions if your computer does not have built-in ethernet or if it has more than one network service that can support AVB.

Unfortunately, I do not know what "help guide" it is referring to, but it does lend support to the idea that AVB is only supported by "built-in" Ethernet.

Answered by Old Pro on August 8, 2020

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