Are there any Lubuntu server version?

Ask Ubuntu Asked by Emoji on December 13, 2020

I want to install a linux server on my old machine (running windows XP, Intel Atom CPU, 150GB HDD), but my computer cant install ubuntu server 18.04.

Lubuntu is a lite ubuntu version, but i cant see any server version at the website ‘’.

Are there any server version for Lubuntu?

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Lubuntu is a flavor of Ubuntu desktop.

All flavors of Ubuntu are desktops, with the default desktop replaced by another, eg.

  • Xubuntu uses XFCE
  • Kubuntu uses KDE
  • Lubuntu uses LXDE up to 18.04, LXQt from 18.10 up
  • Ubuntu-MATE uses MATE desktop
  • Ubuntu-Budgie uses Budgie desktop
  • Ubuntu-Studio uses XFCE too
  • Ubuntu-Kylin uses Kylin desktop

Ubuntu desktop uses Unity 7 for 16.04, and GNOME for 17.10 and later

Desktops use resources, which is seen as a waste for servers. No flavor of Ubuntu is geared for server use, though yes if you're willing to pay the cost of less efficiency (ram, cycles, thus $power) you can add desktops to your server install.

The site you list is not a Ubuntu or Lubuntu site. If you're unsure what are official sites, please don't ask a search engine, but go to and search there (eg. will point you to legitimate sites for each flavor).

Answered by guiverc on December 13, 2020

I saw your problem and searched the difference between server version and desktop version and i found that the basic difference is the lack of GUI in the server version.

So i suggest you install Lubuntu desktop in you PC, maybe 16.x version, that only consumes 300mb of ram(very affordable in any pc) plus you would have an gui to manage the server if you need it.

Also you can use that version as server. See:

For more info.

PD: is an unofficial site of Lubuntu. The official website is

PD2: corrected official ste and unofficial site(they were switched)

Answered by Munsko on December 13, 2020

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