Can't access Ubuntu installed through VMware "please wait for the graphical environment to launch"

Ask Ubuntu Asked by Eslam Karem on October 14, 2020

I have Windows 7 and I installed VMware 8.0.3 then I installed Virtual Ubuntu 12.04 through VMware, but when I open it I always get this message:

VMware is currently being installed on your system. Depending on the version of Ubuntu you may log in below and use the system during installation. otherwise, please wait for the graphical environment to launch

I have been getting this message for about 3 days. What is the solution please?
Thanks in advance

4 Answers

I thing it must be a problem due to installation of VMware tool for graphical interface. So its better to connect the machine to the required server where you can get the VMware tool update. Once that will install you will successfully able to create the machine.

Else you need a bundle of required packages along with iso image if working in a standalone system.

Answered by Nisikanta Jena on October 14, 2020

Or you can sign in and start with startx command. I was facing similar issue so I used startx. What are the drawbacks of it?

Answered by Ali Anwar on October 14, 2020

Check this post Webup8

install the required dependencies and run the downloaded VMware .bundle file:

sudo apt-get install build-essential linux-headers-`uname -r`


chmod +x VMware-Player-4.0.3-703057.i386.bundle
sudo ./VMware-Player-4.0.3-703057.i386.bundle


chmod +x VMware-Player-4.0.3-703057.x86_64.bundle
sudo ./VMware-Player-4.0.3-703057.x86_64.bundle

Install patch

sudo apt-get install patch
tar -xvf vmware802fixlinux320.tar.gz
sudo ~/vmware802fixlinux320/

Answered by penreturns on October 14, 2020

You should use newer version of VMWARE which is now available.

Answered by Mine Creativemind on October 14, 2020

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