Convert emf to PNG image using command line

Ask Ubuntu Asked by om39a on January 5, 2022

Is there any command line tool available to convert emf to png images?

I tried the convert utility from ImageMagick, but it says

decoder for emf not found

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inkscape is a great idea, but unfortunately it does not do a perfect job, for ex. with label positions getting messed in certain cases, as described here:

So far the only accurate conversion outside of Windows that I've seen is with OpenOffice (headless) or using the unoconv Python script which calls OpenOffice/LibreOffice to do the work. Maybe there's some way to hack together ImageMagick and Mono (libgdi) under Linux but haven't found anything that's done that yet.

Answered by Eduard Rozenberg on January 5, 2022

The other answers here did not work for me, but one I found on stakoverflow did

Another way is to use inkscape:

inkscape -e file.png source.emf

See inkscape --help for more export options (area to export, dpi, image resolution, background color etc).

Answered by Nathan Musoke on January 5, 2022

(Found in

Use LibreOffice:

libreoffice --headless --convert-to png image.emf

Answered by carnendil on January 5, 2022

According to this page:

EMF R Microsoft Enhanced Metafile (32-bit) Only available under Microsoft Windows.


Answered by Jan on January 5, 2022

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