Dual boot, raid 0 and 2 identical hdds

Ask Ubuntu Asked by Alessandro Carella on December 29, 2021

I have a dual boot win10/ubuntu, 2 hdd’s in raid 0 and i’m trying to use 2 TB on windows and 2 TB on ubuntu.
I gave windows he’s 2 tbs but I can’t figure out which one is the not allocated in ubuntu.

How do I do that?

This is disk manager in windows

When I open gparted it gave me those errors/views

The first 2 pics are errors that I always get when launching the program, the other 3 pics are of the view for the ssd (main disk, also divided in w10 and ubuntu) and the 2 partitions of the hdds.

As you can see it thinks that both partitions of the hdds are unallocated, why does it? How do I find which one is not?

The first error (also first pic) says (i guess) that there was an error reading "sdb", could it be because it’s of windows? or is it because it’s the unallocated one?

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