Duplicated dock icons on Ubuntu 20.04 when I unlock the screen

Ask Ubuntu Asked by Guy Cherubin on January 6, 2022

When I unlock the screen on my Ubuntu 20.04, every app icon is duplicated(picture link below)

My extension: Dash to Dock

My customisation:

  • Theme: Adapta-Cyan-Nokto-Eta
  • Icons: OieIcons

I use tweaks

Ubuntu 20.04 dock

I did some research(this link below):

But still the same thing. It happens only when I unlock the screen; when I reboot the laptop or log out and log in again, the docks are not duplicated.

One Answer

Search "extension" open it and close Ubuntu Dock from there.

search Extensionclose ubuntu dock##

Answered by hosam on January 6, 2022

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