Hard disk not showing up in ubuntu 16,18,20, linux mint versions while installing on preinstalled acer laptop

Ask Ubuntu Asked by susheel on October 13, 2020

I bought a new laptop Acer Extensa 215-52 with predefined Windows 10 installed on it.

I tried to dual boot with ubuntu 16,18,20 and linux mint 20 version.
Some Bios settings are as searching on the internet to dual boot.

  1. secure boot: disabled
  2. fast boot : disabled
  3. SATA mode : AHCI

Also I have reinstalled the window 10, but the hard disk partitions still not showing up. Its only showing up the USB partition as /dev/sda.

Its been 3 days searching for answers but no luck. Also asked this same question on ACER community. Here is the link: Dual boot: Hard disk partitions not showing up on ubuntu installation.

Also read this user question seems same to my issue, but cant comment on that as my reputation is not sufficient for comment. So I have to create a new question. May be other might have faced this issue with same acer model laptop.

Please help me out on this.

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