On Ubuntu 16.04 web server, second "<?" gives an error

Ask Ubuntu Asked by Jordi SV on November 26, 2020

In an Ubuntu 16.04 local LAMP web server, running a ‘.php’ script, the first ‘<?’ is correctly treated but the second ‘<?’ (after a first ‘?>’) gives an error suspecting there is an XML instruction inside HTML (which is not allowed). This script run perfectly on a public webserver. All the web is in ‘/var/www/full-domain-name/’

The script starts with:

‘<? php ‘ and a lot of php sentences.
At a certain moment (318 lines later), there is:
‘<html><head><title>Estació terme</title></head>’

‘<body background="full-domain-name/imatges/estacio_terme.jpg">’


‘ <tr>’

‘ <td>’


‘include "ET_mostra_estacio.html";’

‘//echo "<br>input=".$Inp;’

The result is:

‘<html><head><title>Estació terme</title></head>’

‘<body background="http://localhost/full-domain-name/imatges/estacio_terme.jpg" >’


‘include "ET_mostra_estacio.html";’

‘//echo "<br>input=".$Inp;’

The second ‘?>’ is signaled as error.

I’m sure there is something wrong, but I’m unable to find it. Please help!

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