Onscreen keyboard keeps popping up - Ubunto 20.04

Ask Ubuntu Asked on December 31, 2021

Since an update about 2/3 weeks ago, every time I touch the screen of my laptop the onboard keyboard annoyingly pops up. I was hoping this issue would get solved with new updates but since it is not the case I’ve decided to ask for help.
The keyboard is disabled in the universal access settings and it is not a hidden startup application.
I really do not want it to appear at all, how could I disable it? Is anyone else having this problem? I have not been able to find an answer just by searching online.
I’m using a Acer Aspire V.

One Answer

I have used a Gnome extension called Block Caribou before to successfully block the screen keyboard. This is the latest version:

Block Caribou 36 Extension

Answered by codlord on December 31, 2021

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