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Kubuntu 20.04 how to run script to keep VRAM on P-State 2

I want to use AMDGPU overdrive to have the power saving features but I get screen artifacts or distortions because the memory is changing the VRAM frequency. Arch Wiki says...

Asked on 08/04/2020 by userDepth

0 answer

Frontend for TTS - Ubuntu 20.04

Are there any frontend text to speech for Ubuntu 20.04 ?Gespeaker isn't supported anymore.Also pdf reader Ocular can't read aloud because Jovie is not supported. Thanks...

Asked on 08/04/2020 by Nikol

0 answer

Setting PATH variable for Android Studio Correctly

I recently installed Android Studio on my Ubuntu 16.04 LTS. Now, I have two queries: Is it necessary to set up the PATH variable? If yes, what would be the...

Asked on 08/02/2020 by Manu Mathur

1 answer

Mic device not working on Ubuntu 18.04

I already installed pavucontrol and checked alsamixer for further verification, but I don't see an end to my problem.This is myAlsa Info I already reinstalled...

Asked on 08/02/2020 by Nicollas Soares

1 answer

Validity VFS301 Fingerprint Reader - Ubuntu 20.04

I am trying to make work Validity VFS301 Fingerprint Reader in Ubuntu 20.04 LTS. Every time I try to enroll the finger,this error is encountered: ...

Asked on 07/28/2020 by Julio Ortiz

0 answer

WPF programming in ubuntu

I want to work c# WPF. i search the net and find MonoDevelop ,I want to know that is there any IDE for WPF in Ubuntu.and is that...

Asked on 07/24/2020 by Hojat Sajadinia

3 answer

What is the difference between "00-installer-config.yaml" and "50-cloud-init.yaml"

I have multiple Ubuntu 18.04 and Ubuntu 20.04 servers (some upgrades, some fresh installs) running on Hyper-V, Raspberry Pis, and the cloud. I have noticed that for configuring netplan, directory...

Asked on 07/22/2020 by ProTofik

0 answer

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