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Convert emf to PNG image using command line

Is there any command line tool available to convert emf to png images? I tried the convert utility from ImageMagick, but it says decoder for emf not found...

Asked on 01/05/2022 by om39a

4 answer

How to create an animated GIF from MP4 video via command line?

I want make an animated .gif from an .mp4 video. I would prefer to do it from the command line, so please only list command line tools....

Asked on 01/05/2022

4 answer

Can't Configure Chrome Remote Desktop

I'm trying to use Chrome Remote Desktop to access my machine from a Mac. When I try the "enable remote connections" step it tries for a while then times out...

Asked on 01/05/2022 by jswien

3 answer

uvcvideo is loaded but /dev/video0 doesn't exist

My webcam worked like a charm until I ran a simple python code to take photo. I ran it with root permission by sudo python The program crashed. Then...

Asked on 01/05/2022 by vahidreza

1 answer

Purge and Reinstall Kernel and Wireguard

I posted about this at but haven't gotten views. I was running kernel 5.3.0-1026.28~18.04.1. I had a problem with wireguard and uninstalled it. On reboot, I...

Asked on 01/05/2022 by databoy2k

3 answer

Yeti Nano flashes yellow in Ubuntu Studio 20.04

First of all excuse any bad english since it's not my native language. I just installed Ubuntu Studio 20.04 and plugged in my Yeti Nano Microphone. It picks up sound...

Asked on 01/05/2022 by noavolution

2 answer

Cannot install Ubuntu 20 on laptop with windows 10 and NVIDIA Geforce RTX 2080

I have laptop with NVidia Geforce RTX 2080 and Windows 10 installed, and I would like to install second OS, latest Ubuntu 20, but I am not able. Black Screen...

Asked on 01/05/2022 by sgnsajgon

2 answer

Ubuntu 18.04 with kubuntu /Plasma enable numlock on login

Hi I went through a lot of solutions and tried a couple of them. But till so far no progress.I went through Activating numlock on bootup -...

Asked on 01/05/2022

1 answer

¿How to save a session in CARLA?

I have upgraded Ubuntu Studio 19.10 to 20.04 and now I have two big problems I can't repair:Now CARLA takes a long time to open a session that have a...

Asked on 01/05/2022 by Artefectum

0 answer

How Do I Migrate a Chromium Snap Between Machines?

I am migrating from one notebook running 19.10 to a new notebook running 20.04. I know how to migrate directly-installed programs like Firefox (e.g., copy ~/.mozilla). But, how do I...

Asked on 01/05/2022 by CommonsWare

1 answer

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