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Python.h file not found on Ubuntu 20.04 even after installing python-dev

I just switched to Linux (Ubuntu 20.04) from Windows. After installing python-dev I notice that Python.h is still not included, which breaks my integrated Python-C++ build (I'm using pybind11). I...

Asked on 01/03/2022 by hhg

2 answer

How do I update the BIOS of a Dell laptop?

I have installed Ubuntu 11.10 on a vista laptop, but Dell is providing the BIOS update in .exe format currently my bios version is A09 but on the driver download...

Asked on 01/03/2022 by gunjan parashar

12 answer

Why ISO master (editor) does not read Windows images

I have the followjng problem with ISO master software: I try to edit WIndows 7 ISO image$ isomaster windows7.isoThe file does open, unfortunately all I get is README with...

Asked on 01/03/2022 by Jacek Blocki

3 answer

Webserver not displaying PHP page

I have provisioned an apache webserver with a custom user for content management, created a http-docs root directory in /var/, and assigned ownership to the user with the usual chown...

Asked on 01/03/2022 by qubex

2 answer

What's the difference between .bashrc and /etc/bash.bashrc?

What's the difference between /etc/bash.bashrc and ~/.bashrc?...

Asked on 01/03/2022 by Iliyas Mansons

2 answer

Any app on Ubuntu to open and/or convert HEIF pictures (.HEIC, High Efficiency Image File Format)?

A certain cellphone maker has changed the default format of taking pictures to HEIF (.HEIC, High Efficiency Image File Format), without asking the users (although there is still the option...

Asked on 01/03/2022 by Filbuntu

6 answer

Ubuntu 16.04 can't see my SSD partitions when installing alongside Windows 10

I bought a new laptop that comes with Windows 10.When I get to Installation Type it gives me this: fdisk only sees...

Asked on 01/03/2022 by Dopey NULL

1 answer

Radeon VII and Ubuntu problems

PC Specs:CPU: Ryzen 7 2700xGPU: Radeon VIIMB: ASUS X470-IDual Booting Windows 10 and Ubuntu on a single 500GB SSDI installed Ubuntu 18.04 LTS, booting into it I had a...

Asked on 01/03/2022 by icytux

3 answer

How can I install a package with specific PHP versions if the package itself does not contrain it?

My package does not define specific PHP version in its dependency, but only works with older PHP versions (7.2). On Ubuntu 20.04 the apt install <my-package> will want to install...

Asked on 01/03/2022

1 answer

Can't connect Wi-Fi with Ubuntu 18.04 and 20.04 (Lenovo ThinkPad E490, Realtek RTL8822BE)

I have been working with Ubuntu 18.04 for several months now (with dual boot alongside Windows 10, which has no problems), and yesterday, out of nowhere, my Wi-Fi adapter stopped...

Asked on 01/03/2022 by Diego Moreno

2 answer

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