Super Grub2 Error

Ask Ubuntu Asked by Johncool on October 30, 2020

I am facing an issue with Grub2 when using UEFI.

I have been trying to solve this issue for a few days by finding similar posts on the internet but did not manage to do so.

The below link is for a thread I started and then along the way I faced this issue and others don’t seem to know how to resolve it.

It is working well on legacy support but I need it to work on UEFI.
I only need it on USB to boot WIndows 8.1.

I only have one O/S installed. Only Win8.1

I does not load into the Grub menu.

I tried many versions of Super Grub2 -EFI and all gave the same error.

I get the “Welcome to Grub!”

Then repeated message error: Unknown filesystem

The it goes to rescue mode.

I tried ls with all the partitions and nothing happened.

How can I fix it?

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