Ubuntu 18.04 with kubuntu /Plasma enable numlock on login

Ask Ubuntu Asked on January 5, 2022

Hi I went through a lot of solutions and tried a couple of them. But till so far no progress.

  1. I went through Activating numlock on bootup – ArchWiki without succes.

  2. I installed numlockx sudo apt install numlockx. No erorrs.

  3. Followed by sudo sed -i 's|^exit 0.*s|# Numlock enablen[ -x /usr/bin/numlockx ] && numlockx onnnexit 0|' /etc/rc.local

Then I got this error (translated from Dutch into English)

sed: cannot read /etc/rc.local :file or folder does not exist.

I am looking forward if someone could give me the right command line instruction to enable Numlock on login.

plasmashell 5.12.9

Qt: 5.9.5

KDE Frameworks: 5.44.0

kf5-config: 1.0

One Answer

After trying all suggestions, I switched off Mouse Keys. and numeric keys worked again. The keyboard layout for English UK is very weird.

Answered by Charles Irons on January 5, 2022

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