Ubuntu Software doesn't show installed softwares

The Ubuntu Software doesn’t show the installed softwares:

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Today I installed also sudo apt install gnome-software and it showed installed softwares. After I checked if there was updates for Ubuntu, I installed them and, after the reboot, also gnome-software doesn’t show installed softwares.

How could I get the installed softwares list in Ubuntu Software or in Software (i.e. gnome-software)?

EDIT1: if I install a new software from Ubuntu Software, I can see it in Installed window, but, after reboot, it disappears.

EDIT2: I don’t want to use terminal.

Ask Ubuntu Asked on December 8, 2021

2 Answers

2 Answers

Install synaptic

The Ubuntu Software (Center) does not list all software available in repositories or installed. This is particularly true for command-line utilities. Another GUI alternative to Ubuntu Software is synaptic also known as Synaptic Package Manager. You should be able to find in in Ubuntu Software. If not, install using the following command:

sudo apt install synaptic 

Open synaptic

Open synaptic as you usually open any GUI software. It will prompt you to enter your password before it opens.

On the left panel you can select Installed to see all the installed software in your system:

enter image description here

The green squares indicate that a software is installed. If you want to see if a specific software, such as gnome-software is installed, click on the big search button and type the name of the software. You can limit the search to just Names or Names and Description (if you want to search for a keyword, rather than the exact name). You will get something like this:

enter image description here

As you can see above gnome-software and gnome-software-commonare installed and other packages with similar names are not installed, as they don't have the green square next to them.

Hope this helps

Answered by user68186 on December 8, 2021

Since gnome-software/ubuntu-software isn't showing your installed apps you should try listing your installed apps in Terminal!

Just type this command in the terminal "apt list --installed"

Hope this has helped!


EDIT 1a: Please note that this command shows more than what gnome-software/ubuntu-software shows! There may be filters for this command but I don't know!

Answered by Jayden W. on December 8, 2021

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