User-Friendly Automated File Organization

Ask Ubuntu Asked by Prinplup on September 18, 2020

I once used DropIt on Windows 10. Unfortunately, it’s not compatible with Ubuntu. I’ve tried Dolphin as an alternative, but it can’t do what I need.

I need either a way to install DropIt to make it work on Ubuntu without a great amount of technical knowledge, or a substitute that can do what DropIt does.

For the former: something which only requires a few copy-and-paste commands into the command line, direct installs, or Applmage/Snap downloads would do.

For latter, I need the following functions and features:

  • User-friendly interface with minimum code (e.g., Boolean logic filter parameters, not Linux queries)
  • Set multi-factor parameters (e.g., <5 KB, text type, within Video Games folder, does not contain "Incomplete" or "Scraps" in title)
  • Can see inside file contents for the sake of filtering files and sending files to a specified destination (e.g., "Within Video Games folder, send to "Pokemon" subfolder if file content contains "Charizard")
  • Filter many files at a time (Easy File Organizer has a limit of 30)

I am running Cinnamon on the latest version of Ubuntu, re-configured to look like Windows Vista, and I have installed Wine. (DropIt isn’t even mentioned on Wine’s website, in case you’re wondering.)

It seems someone asked a similar question before, but it wasn’t answered.

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