Very short high frequency beep that keeps happening

So to outline, I am new to Ubuntu and I am experiencing an annoying beep which plays a bunch. It is high pitched, not very loud, and very short.

It plays somewhat randomly, but when pressing play on a youtube video for the first time it almost always happens. I haven’t found an option to turn it off in sound settings, and it isn’t the terminal beep, I turned it off. I looked at Alsamixer and all levels seem correct. If it’s my PC speaker that’s making the noise then I don’t know how to turn it off.

if you’re confused, I can also supply that the exact same noise happens while plugging in my headphones, but I don’t think it’s a connection issue, as aside from the beep I am having zero sound problems.

It is also likely that it plays every time audio is about to play. I believe I had the same issue on Manjaro, which I used back in January, but I don’t recall how I fixed it.

Hope y’all can help.

Ask Ubuntu Asked by ComradeJack1917 on December 28, 2020

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