X server with WSL cannot see externel HDD with Linux

Ask Ubuntu Asked by Paul Reyes on December 4, 2020

I enabled the WSL in Windows because I wanted to see if it is possible to graphically manipulate the files that I have on an HDD with from Windows 10. So I installed VcXsrv Windows X Server successfully and I connect to it by opening its Xlaunch.exe from Windows, launching the Ubuntu that I downloaded from the MS Store and running the IP of my network card

  • export DISPLAY=
  • startlxde

Everything seems to work but I cannot see the USB devices connected yet and that was the one and only reason why I wanted to try something like this ? I checked the file manager (PCManFM) go to edit > preferences > volume management with no luck and also menu > preferences > Desktop Preferences > Desktop Icons, just like this person in this forum said Installing USB in LXDE but I just cannot see anything. I learnt this 3 hours ago so please be patient and thanks, I don’t know about command lines so I need the graphical interface to extract and copy or move files.

If anyone could suggest please how do I go about checking files of a Linux HDD from Windows?

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