Practical use of RNA structure

Bioinformatics Asked on December 9, 2020

I have spent some time studying RNA structures. While there is a range of interesting phenomena and functions that certainly deserve understanding from the scientific point of view, I have never encountered a practical use of this knowledge (in terms of disease diagnostics, medications, etc.) Have you? If a practical use of RNA structures is still in the future, what could that be?

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Please look up flavivirus 'double loops' as you described them previously (post for "Coronavirus RNA') and associated RNA secondary structure anomalies for dengue virus and associated vaccine (Butantan) and the yellow fever virus and its vaccine (17D). If you are aware of "double loops", we must be aware of the association of RNA secondardy structure and attenuated strains, i.e. live vaccines. The point is that modification of the RNA secondary structure is a key strategy in flavivirus attenuation.

Answered by Michael on December 9, 2020

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