Split fasta file based on groups in header information and output as separate files

Bioinformatics Asked on September 4, 2021

I have a fasta file containing the sequence of a gene across different species. In total there are around 900 samples and 12 species. (Each sequences is over multiple lines and longer than 100bp.)

My fasta file looks like:


I want to split this file in one fasta file per species.
I think it’s possible to use the awk function for this but I’m stuck. Does anyone have a script/code that might help me?

Thanks a lot.

One Answer

A simple Biopython solution- iterate over the sequence records, identify the species, open the file handle using append mode to ensure no data is overwritten, and write the record:

from Bio import SeqIO

for record in SeqIO.parse("myfile.fa", "fasta"):
    species ='_')[0]
    with open(f"{species}.fa", "a") as f:
        SeqIO.write(record, f, "fasta")

Correct answer by Chris_Rands on September 4, 2021

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