Bitcoind could not locate RPC credentials but rpcuser and password are set

Bitcoin Asked by Nicklessguy on August 29, 2020

I installed bitoind and synced it. But when i’m trying to connect from my php website i getting:
Unable to connect to http://user:[email protected]:18332/.
Also when i’m trying to see password through command

bitcoin-cli -stdinrpcpass getblockchaininfo

it returns

could not locate RPC credentials. No authentication cookie could be found, and RPC password is not set. See -rpcpassword and -stdinrpcpass. Configuration file: (/blockchain/.bitcoin/bitcoin.conf).

My bitcoin.conf file is setted and works nice


One Answer

I found I had to copy the contents of ~/.bitcoin/bitcoin.conf into /etc/bitcoin/bitcoin.conf because that's what's being used when bitcoind starts on boot up. I put my user and password in that file, rebooted, and bitcoin-cli worked again.

Also try adding

bitcoin-cli -stdinrpcpass getblockchaininfo -rpcuser user -rpcpassword password

Answered by MikeHelland on August 29, 2020

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