Do bitcoin miners calculate the hash value of current block or next block?

Bitcoin Asked by btc_beginner on November 11, 2021

I’m new in bitcoin and my question seems be stupid. I appreciate your help.
Miners calculates blockhash as picking a proper nonce.
And he is awarded.
To calculate block hash, he will need 6 values. 2 of them are merklehash and nonce.
I’m gonna say about merklehash and blockhash. Suppose that miner A is trying to calculate.
To calculate blockhash, merklehash is needed. But merklehash is a hash of all transactions of the block. The first transaction data is that a miner is awarded(?). That means merklehash is calculated after awarded miner is determined. What’s the difference between awarded miner of this block transactions and A? I really don’t understand.

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If I'm a miner, I only want to mine a block that awards me. So I'll create a block that awards me the reward and see if I can find a nonce that makes the block valid. If so, then I am successful.

Answered by David Schwartz on November 11, 2021

After reading your question, you are a little confused, so i will try to explain:

Miners do double round of SHA256

What they hash?

They hash the blockheader...

What's the blockheader?

The blockheader is build from data

What data?

It's Build from:

Version: The version of the block.

Previous block hash: The Block Hash of the block that this block is being built on top of. This is what “chains” the blocks together.

Merkle root: All of the transactions in this block, hashed together. Basically provides a single-line summary of all the transactions in this block.

Time: When a miner is trying to mine this block, the Unix time at which this block header is being hashed is noted within the block header itself.

Bits: A shortened version of the Target.

Nonce: The field that miners change in order to try and get a hash of the block header (a Block Hash) that is below the Target.

All this is in little endian

Answered by Hamita on November 11, 2021

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