i have 0.10096 mbtc (0.00010096 BTC) in my btc wallet but when ever i try to send bitcoins it always says your balance is low to pay the fee

Bitcoin Asked by noor siddiq on December 20, 2020

kindly tell me how much fee is charged over 0.1 mbtc as i have this much amount and i want to send it but it always shows this balance is too low to pay charges.

2 Answers

The fees you may pay for a transaction do not depend on the amount to be transferred, but to the transaction size. Transaction size highly depends on the number of inputs and outputs, as well as the type of those.

For example, a normal Pay-to-PubKey-Hash (P2PKH) transaction with a simple input, lets say with the exact amount you referred to (0.00010096 BTC), will pay less fees than a transaction with the same amount but 2+ inputs.

Can it be that you have such amount of bitcoins spread in really small amount transactions?

Answered by sr-gi on December 20, 2020

In preferences you can choose payment urgent normal economy. The fee is bigger if urgent is selected.

Answered by Antonio Lovrinović on December 20, 2020

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