In bitcoin-cli getpeerinf call what does "-1" mean as a "synced_headers" or "synced_blocks" value?

Bitcoin Asked by Strob on December 17, 2021

Sometimes I see this in getpeerinfo:

"synced_headers": -1,
"synced_blocks": -1,

sometimes it’s only synced blocks at -1.

What does that mean?

One Answer

It means you either have no headers, no block, or both known to be (*) in common with this peer.

From the help:

$ bitcoin-cli help getpeerinfo
    "synced_headers" : n,          (numeric) The last header we have in common with this peer
    "synced_blocks" : n,           (numeric) The last block we have in common with this peer

(*) As Pieter cleared in the comment it doesn't mean you aren't on the same chain, just that the peer didn't announce any block to you yet.

Answered by darosior on December 17, 2021

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