Using vanitygen To generate addresses for different cryptocurrencies

Bitcoin Asked by rahulgarg12342 on November 19, 2021

I know how to use vanitygen but how do you determine the number that will correspond to the -X parameter for a different cryptocurrency? For example it is -X 30 for Dogecoin.

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I found some here.

  • LTC: 48
  • FTC: 14
  • NVC: 8
  • ANC: 23
  • PTC: 47
  • CNC: 28
  • DGC:30
  • NMC: 52
  • PPC:55
  • YAC: 77
  • BQC: 85
  • IXC: 138
  • DOGE: 30

Proper syntax for VanityGen is: (from this question)

Usage: vanitygen [-vqrikNT] [-t <threads>] [-f <filename>|-] [<pattern>...]
Generates a bitcoin receiving address matching <pattern>, and outputs the
address and associated private key.  The private key may be stored in a safe
location or imported into a bitcoin client to spend any balance received on
the address.
By default, <pattern> is interpreted as an exact prefix.

-v            Verbose output
-q            Quiet output
-r            Use regular expression match instead of prefix
              (Feasibility of expression is not checked)
-i            Case-insensitive prefix search
-k            Keep pattern and continue search after finding a match
-N            Generate namecoin address
-T            Generate bitcoin testnet address
-X <version>  Generate address with the given version
-t <threads>  Set number of worker threads (Default: number of CPUs)
-f <file>     File containing list of patterns, one per line
              (Use "-" as the file name for stdin)
-o <file>     Write pattern matches to <file>
-s <file>     Seed random number generator from <file>

Answered by Mathias711 on November 19, 2021

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