Blender inserts keyframes on multiple channels but I want it on one

Blender Asked by Mark Byford on December 2, 2020

Now this is probably a beginners thing that I have missed. I am trying to animate this object first on the z rotation and then on the y rotation. Whenevever I select the keyframe to move it and it appears to have inserted on multiple channels and overlayed it ontop of the other keyframes. How can I just insert a single keyframe on say the z rotation and be able to move them separately on one channel? I am really confused.

These images should help explain my situation.


One Answer

In order to set a keyframe on an individual channel, simply right-click the property and right-click and select 'Insert Single Keyframe'.

Insert Single Keyframe

Alternatively, you can click on the Animate Property 'dot' alongside the property in the right-hand properties panel :

click animate property

In the Dope Sheet, you can move individual channel keyframes by simply selecting the keyframe for that specific channel only - and move it independently of any other channel(s).

dope sheet move keyframe one channel

Answered by Rich Sedman on December 2, 2020

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