Cell Fracture Not Rendering

Blender Asked by Empacher on November 6, 2020

Thanks for any help!
I’m trying to learn basic cell fracture. I animated the default cube to fall onto a slightly extruded plane and at frame 15 (when the cube hits the plane) I applied fracture with annotate (I think this used to be referred to as grease pencil). The fracture appears to apply itself but I can’t see it when I render image. I’m still fairly new to all of this so I’m hoping I’m missing something very simple.
Thank you!

*update. Not sure if I’m doing this update properly but I figured out that I have to delete the original plane to see the newly created "layers"(I think you call them). Only issue I still have is that I don’t want the fracture to occur until a certain frame. I think I have to figure out some physics, like object contstraints.

I was getting very frustrated trying to figure this out and I just found this simple tutorial that went step by step.

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