Creating floorplans with blender?

Are there any plans to add some basic floor plan features to create architectural plans? Some anotation tools, line styles and maybe a way to render straight on paper format would be amazing.

Blender Asked by Kwinten.Blender on December 27, 2020

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Blender is a 3d creation tool. It already has everything you need to make any kind of graphics or architectural visualisations including 3d floor plans like this.

If you wish to work with 2d drawings, Blender can produce lines that can be exported as vector formats including dxf, it is also possible to import vector drawings to Blender and there are many modelling functions in Blender that can be used to work with 2d lines(curves or mesh edges). However it is not designed for this kind of work specifically and for this task you may want to use specially designed software because that might be easier. Special 2d CAD drawing software like ArchiCAD or Revit usually has templates, pre-made libraries of standard symbols, ways to print the drawings or save them to PDF and other useful functionality. It is possible to achieve that in Blender, however it will take a lot longer and will most likely be a lot more work if you only need 2d drawings.

There are some add-ons that aim to provide some functionality related to this. You might want to check Blender-Archipack out and search for more add-ons realated to architecture.

As for plans to make Blender into something that could be used for 2d architectural drawings specifically and would have all the expected functionality of 2d CAD software packages there does not seem to be any at Blender Foundation which is the main organisation developing Blender and it is probably unlikely there will ever be such plans as Blender is designed as specifically 3d creation tool and that is very unlikely to change. It is open source however, so there is nothing stopping anyone to take on such a task and make whatever they want from Blender, however there does not seem to be any serious projects like that at the moment.

Answered by Martynas Žiemys on December 27, 2020

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