First start with sverchok. looking for feedback and how can i make this more efficient

Blender Asked by user98124 on January 4, 2022

I just started a project in Sverchok and before I continue, I would like get some feedback and hear how I can do this more efficient. It looks like a mess.

Do I need 3 Viewers, or do I use some list node for combining all parts?

The two faces extrude with the same matrix, but I want the extrusion to be on the same side of the x Axis. So for one of the extruded faces: 8 * -0.5 instead of 8 * 0.5.
I thought about making a mask list, mirror, copying all the vector information, but with each of them I run into more complex beginner problems.

Note that I have no prior programming/node experience.

box extrude

One Answer

Let me just insert the gist This example of some ways to solve issue. I don't know aim of your node tree. First of all, you can use not only extrude to extrude. loft, copy with uvconnect, matrix tubes, simple pipe node or whatever you need. There are tonns of solutions depend of what you want. Import json and test.

Answered by nikitron on January 4, 2022

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